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Course Description

This CICS Administration course teaches CICS system programmers how to install, tailor, and administer CICS Transaction Server (TS) for z/OS. You learn CICS to construct, run, and administer a CICS system. You tailor the system by configuring CICS to run applications, defining transactions, programs, files, web services, and other resources that CICS applications need. You administer CICS by using CICS transactions and the CICS Explorer.

The IBM CICS course also provides a thorough introduction to security and recovery concepts that are needed to administer new or existing installations of CICS TS. Topics include resource management, storage management, system control, task management, measurement and problem determination tools, intercommunication services, CICSPlex SM, Cloud, Liberty, DevOps, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, DB2, IBM MQ, DBCTL, and more. You practice your new skills on a z/OS system that is configured specifically for this lab-intensive course.

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After completing this CICS Training course, you should be able to:

  • Define and set up CICS regions
  • Analyze application descriptions, define resources, and customize
  • Define the major functions and parameters that are used to control CICS
  • Identify CICS procedures
  • Identify system control functions
  • Administer CICS resources with CICS transactions and the CICS Explorer
  • Define the functions of intercommunication services
  • Identify sources of information that is necessary to aid problem determination
  • Measure and evaluate information that is used to measure and tune the environment
  • Describe how the other MVS resource managers that IBM offers interface with CICS Transaction Server
  • Describe the choices for starting CICS programs and accessing CICS data from outside CICS
  • Describe how CICS uses z/OS Sysplex


This course is designed for administrators of CICS Transaction Server for z/OS.


  • Be familiar with CICS architecture and facilities, either through experience or by successfully completing course CICS V5.3 Fundamentals (WM806G)
  • Have a working knowledge of z/OS, JCL, and TSO/ISPF
  • Have a basic knowledge of z/OS Communications Server concepts
  • Have a basic knowledge of VSAM concepts and Access Method services


  • Course introduction
  • CICS Transaction Server for z/OS overview
  • Installation and verification
    • Exercise: Getting acquainted with CICS TS for z/OS
  • Resource definition
    • Exercise: Preparing and starting a CICS region
  • Supporting terminal access
    • Exercise: Administering terminals
  • Defining transactions, programs, and map sets
    • Exercise: Defining transactions, programs, and map sets
  • File control functions and file definition
    • Exercise: Defining files and LSR pools
  • CICS queuing facilities
    • Exercise: Defining transient data queues
  • CICS intercommunication services
    • Exercise: Connecting systems
  • Administering application resources
  • Storage management and storage protection
  • System control
    • Exercise: Administering with CICS Explorer
  • Startup, recovery, and restart
    • Exercise: Defining recoverable resources and journal models
  • Accessing external resource manager data
  • Basic problem determination
    • Exercise: JSON web services, DB2 resources, and OTE
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Security and the external security manager
    • Exercise: Statistics, dumps, and security
  • Sysplex support functions
  • Course summary


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