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Course Description

MuleSoft Certified Developer – API Design Associate should be able to create well-designed, modular API definitions using RAML 1.0 and Anypoint Platform.


The MCD – API Design Associate (RAML 1.0) exam validates that an API designer has the required knowledge and skills to:

  • Translate design requirements into API resources and methods.
  • Use RAML to define API resources, methods, parameters, and responses.
  • Model data in APIs using data types.
  • Minimize repetition in API definitions using resource types and traits.
  • Modularize APIs using libraries, overlays, and extensions.
  • Specify API security schemes.
  • Version APIs.
  • Document and test APIs and make them discoverable.






Explaining RESTful API Design

  • Describe the common web API formats including SOAP, RPC, and REST
  • Describe REST API architecture
  • List the rules for retaining REST principles in APIs
  • Describe design-first approach for REST APIs
  • API:DES Module 1


Translating Functional Requirements for APIs

  • Identify different categories and actions for a REST API
  • Convert categories to resources
  • Select HTTP methods to support the actions on the categories
  • API:DES Module 2


Describing API-Led Connectivity and the API Lifecycle

  • Describe the API development lifecycle
  • Explain MuleSoft's API-led connectivity approach
  • Describe the API design lifecycle with Anypoint Platform
  • API:DES Module 3


Defining Resources and Methods

  • Use RAML 1.0 to create API definitions
  • Define resources and methods in RAML API definitions
  • Specify URI parameters for necessary resource methods
  • API:DES Module 4


Specifying Responses

  • Describe response structure in HTTP methods
  • Use status codes in HTTP responses
  • Add error handling and caching information to HTTP responses
  • Select and specify the types of content returned in HTTP responses
  • API:DES Module 5


Documenting and Testing APIs

  • Add documentation and description nodes to RAML definitions
  • Use the mocking service to create API endpoints
  • Use the API Console to test API endpoints
  • API:DES Module 6


Making APIs Discoverable

  • Create API Portals for learning about and testing APIs
  • Customize API Portals with themes
  • Publish API definitions to the Anypoint Exchange for discovery
  • Gather feedback from API consumers
  • API:DES Module 7


Modeling Data

  • Create datatypes and their properties for resources
  • Create examples for datatypes
  • Include datatypes and examples in resource methods
  • Create scenarios in API Notebook to manipulate data
  • API:DES Module 8


Reusing Patterns

  • Create and reference resource types patterns for reusability
  • Use traits to modularize methods
  • API:DES Module 9


Modularizing APIs

  • Use libraries for greater API composability
  • Use overlays to internationalize resources
  • Use extensions to promote portability to test APIs in multiple environments
  • API:DES Module 10


Securing APIs

  • Define API security requirements
  • Use security schemes to apply resource and method level policies
  • Define custom security schemes for APIs
  • Apply an OAuth2.0 external provider policy to resource methods
  • API:DES Module 11


Enhancing API Responses using Hypermedia

  • Describe hypermedia
  • Simplify API discoverability using hypermedia
  • Use hypermedia to enhance API responses
  • Modify API definitions to generate state-specific client responses in resource methods
  • API:DES Module 12


Versioning APIs

  • Explain when and when not to version APIs
  • Describe the methods for versioning APIs
  • Document changes in new API versions using shared API Portals
  • Deprecate older versions of APIs
  • API:DES Module 13


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