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Course Description

Enterprise data is growing exponentially. This data explosion is making commonly accepted practices of data management inadequate. Social, mobile, cloud, big data, and analytics are driving an explosion in data volumes and causing new challenges for data protection, disaster recovery, regulatory requirements, and standards for compliance. Data management has become one of the highest priorities of organizations today. 

The IBM FlashSystem products are designed to help companies improve performance and reduce server sprawl, power consumption, cooling, and floor space requirements. All of this in turn can help clients save money, improve performance, and invest more in innovation. The IBM FlashSystem family can help you take control of your storage, harness existing data, and manage your IT infrastructure in a much more cloud-like fashion. This course will aim to provide the basics of flash storage systems, specifically IBM’s portfolio in this area.


When you complete this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of flash storage from a technology standpoint
  • Summarize the benefits of IBM FlashCore technology
  • Recognize all the flash storage products from IBM and their benefits
  • Summarize the architecture of IBM FlashSystem products, namely IBM FlashSystems 900, V9000, A9000 and A9000R
  • Demonstrate an ability to access and interact with the graphical interface of IBM FlashSystem V9000
  • Summarize the various use cases of each of the FlashSystem products


Enrollment in this course is not restricted. Typical students may include:

  • Customers
  • Technical IBM personnel
  • IBM Business Partner technical personnel
  • IT consultants and architects


You should have a basic understanding of concepts associated with open systems disk storage systems and I/O operations.

You may want to consider taking:

Introduction to Storage (SS01G)


Course Administration and Introduction

  • Unit 1: An Overview of Flash Storage
  • Unit 2: IBM Flash Storage Portfolio
  • Unit 3: An Overview of IBM FlashSystem 900
  • Unit 4: An Overview of IBM FlashSystem V9000
  • Unit 5: An Overview of IBM FlashSystems A9000 and A9000R


Exercise simulations with Lab Guide

  • Exercise 1. Access menu
  • Exercise 2. Settings menu
  • Exercise 3. Creating a volume
  • Exercise 4. Mapping a volume to a host


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