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Course Description

IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager, an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering, provides a self-service cloud portal for IBM Power Systems and is built on OpenStack. OpenStack is a collection of open source software projects that enterprises or service providers can use to setup and run their cloud compute and storage infrastructure. IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager provides an easy way to provision and manage virtual machines on IBM PowerVM based systems in a private or hybrid cloud setting. It comes in two versions, a standard edition and a cloud edition.

This course aims to provide an overall understanding of how to install and configure IBM PowerVC Standard Edition and IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager, in an environment with HMC and IBM PowerVM NovaLink. The hands-on lab covers exercises from the basics of installing IBM PowerVC to performing advanced administrative tasks. The course also clarifies concepts in planning, deploying, and implementing IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager and IBM PowerVM NovaLink based on technology standpoints, product architectures, and their benefits.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Summarize the key functions and benefits of IBM PowerVC.
  • Perform installation and configuration of IBM PowerVC and IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager, including upgrading to newer versions.
  • Recognize the hardware and software requirements of IBM PowerVC.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cloud computing from a technology standpoint.
  • Summarize the architecture of IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager.
  • Summarize the key components of OpenStack and their functions.
  • Demonstrate an ability to access and interact with the graphical and command line interfaces of IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager.
  • Summarize the concepts of creating new projects, users, networking configuration and other cloud related properties.
  • Summarize the key administrative tasks that need to be performed after the installation of IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager.
  • Summarize the architecture of IBM PowerVM IBM PowerVM NovaLink.
  • Integrate IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager with IBM PowerVM IBM PowerVM NovaLink and the existing virtualization environment.


This training is for technical support individuals, system administrators, system architects, engineers, and pre-sales technical support staff who implements PowerVC as a virtualization manager.


Students must already know the basics of configuring and managing a virtual I/O server and virtual devices as well as know how to use the HMC to manage partitions. This prerequisite can be met by attending the following course:

  • AN30G Power Systems for AIX - PowerVM I: Implementing Virtualization


Course Agenda

Day 1:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to IBM Power Virtualization Center
  • Unit 2: Planning for IBM PowerVC
  • Unit 3: IBM PowerVC installation, upgrade, and configuration
    • Exercise 1. Verification of prerequisites
    • Exercise 2. Installation of IBM PowerVC Standard Edition
    • Exercise 3. Adding hosts and virtual machines to IBM PowerVC


Day 2:  

  • Unit 4: IBM PowerVC user interfaces
  • Unit 5: IBM PowerVC administrative tasks
    • Exercise 4. Upgrading to IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager
    • Exercise 5. Using the IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager user interfaces
    • Exercise 6. IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager administration
    • Exercise 7. Working with OpenStack projects, policies, and users


Day 3:

  • Unit 6: Transitioning to cloud computing
  • Unit 7: Features of IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager
  • Unit 8: Managing Images and Virtual Machines with IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager
    • Exercise 8. Live and Regular Capture to Create Images and Deploy Templates
    • Exercise 9. Self-service Provisioning with IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager
    • Exercise 10. Metering and REST APIs
    • Exercise 11. Removal of resources


Day 4:

  • Unit 9: Introduction to IBM PowerVM NovaLink
  • Unit 10: Planning and Installing IBM PowerVM NovaLink
  • Unit 11: Using IBM PowerVM NovaLink with IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager
    • Exercise 12. (Shared Exercise) Installation of IBM PowerVM NovaLink
    • Exercise 13. (Shared Exercise) Integration of IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager with IBM PowerVM NovaLink
    • Exercise 14. (Shared Exercise) Capture and Deploy using IBM PowerVM NovaLink


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