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Course Description

  • Enterprises and organizations are creating, analyzing and keeping more data than ever before. An organization’s underlying storage must support new-era big data and artificial intelligence workloads along with traditional applications while ensuring security, reliability and high performance. IBM Spectrum Scale meets these challenges as a high-performance solution for managing data at scale. This new IBM Spectrum Scale - Remote Data Access course covers IBM Spectrum Scale features that enable data-anywhere access that spans storage and locations to accelerate applications across the data center or around the world. Attendees should already know the basics of installing, configuring and managing a Spectrum Scale clustered file system and how to use the installer toolkit.

    This course is intended for IT professionals tasked with administering a Spectrum Scale storage cluster consisting of Linux nodes. The course includes information on various Spectrum Scale features that enable remote access to the data that is stored in a cluster file system. This includes: multi-cluster support, clustered NFS, cluster export services (CES) and protocol support (NFS, SMB, Object, and block), Active File Management (AFM), and AFM-based Asynchronous Disaster Recovery (AFM DR). The features are described in lecture materials and implemented in lab exercises.


  • Configure a cluster to allow remote file system access
    Mount a Spectrum Scale file system from a remote cluster
    Implement Active File Management (AFM)
    Summarize AFM cache modes
    Describe AFM DR
    Differentiate AFM and AFM DR
    Implement AFM DR
    Describe and implement Clustered NFS (CNFS)
    Describe the Cluster Export Services (CES) architecture
    Implement CES protocols (NFS, SMB, Object, and block)
    Differentiate CNFS and CES NFS


  • This lecture and exercise-based course is for individuals who want to configure a Spectrum Scale cluster to allow remote data access.


  • Students must already know the basics of installing, configuring and managing a Spectrum Scale clustered file system. This prerequisite can be met by attending the following courses:


    H005G - IBM Spectrum Scale Basic Administration for Linux and AIX

    H006G - IBM Spectrum Scale Advanced Administration for Linux