This course is intended to teach the skills that are needed to work with the Blockchain Ecosystem. The course covers Blockchain basics and provides a hands on experience to the participants.

The course has hands-on exercises to reinforce concepts and check understanding. Lab exercises throughout the course provide experience with developing Blockchain solutions

At the end of the 5 day training the participants will be confident to apply Blockchain at their workplace and for customers.

What you will learn

Day 1 - Overview of Blockchain

Day 2 - Hyperledger Deep Dive

Day 3 - Ethereum Deep Dive

Day 4 - Corda Deep Dive

Day 5 - Development and Deployment, Industry Use Cases


Day 1 - Overview Of Blockchain 


Key topics:

  • History of Blockchian
  • Rise of Ethereum
  • Building blocks of Blockchain:
    • Decentralization
    • Consensus (POW,POS, PDFT)
    • Cryptography (Security)
    • Provenance
    • Immutability
    • Finality
    • Data integrity
  • Blockchain hands on demo
    • How Blockchain works
    • Block, Hash, Lifecycle of a Blockchain
  • Blockchain Actors – Developer, Operator, Regulator, User
  • Business Network Topology – Regulation, Stakeholders, Entities, Infrastructure Providers, Decentralized Storage (IPFS etc.)


Day 2: Hyperledger


Key topics:

  • Intro to Hyperledger (Understand the overall key concepts of Hyperledger)
  • Learn how to set up your development environment for running and writing
  • Membership, Blockchain, Transaction, Chaincode
  • Features, Chaincode, SDK, Ledger, Privacy through Channles, Membership Services, Assets, Consensus
  • Peer, Orderer, CA
  • Build own network
  • SmartContractsChaincode, Chaincode API, How to write ChaincodeLabsession
  • Realizing the Architecture Transaction, Ledger, Nodes, Peer,Endorser, Ordering Nodes, Channels, CA, Transaction Flow, Lab session
  • Genesis Block, start Ordering services, Create Channel, Sign blocks, make peers join Channel, Introduction to Explorer Composer and Playground

Day 3: Ethereum


Key topics:

  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Learn how to set up your development environment for running and writing SmartContracts
EVM, Account Types, Transactions, Ether Transfer, Gas, Gas Price, Block Structure, POW, State transfer, Merkle- Patricia Tree
  • Basics of Solidity
  • Internal Functions, External Functions Smart Contract Constructors Constant Variables
  • Setting Variables Events
  • Web3js, Truffle, TestRPC, Ganache, Remix, Metamask
  • Connect and Interact with Smart Contract Environments
  • Smart Contract event handling


Day 4 - Corda


Key topics:

  • Introduction to Corda
  • Learn how to set up development environment for running and writing CorDapps
  • Corda use cases
  • Understand how to model shared facts and agreements on the ledger
  • Contracts

  • Use test-driven development
to create smart contracts controlling the evolution of the ledger
  • Transactions
  • Learn about the transaction lifecycle, and how transactions are used to propose ledger updates
  • Flows
  • Use our flow testing framework to develop flows allowing Corda users to automate common business logic
  • Corda Node
  • Learn how the node is designed, what it can do, and what it can’t.
  • Learn what services/APIs the node offers
  • Corda Network

  • Understand how a Corda network is structured and how data flows between nodes on


Day 5: Project and Industry Use Cases


Key Topics:

  • Hands on Project on Hyperledger or Ethereum
  • BFSI use cases
  • Healthcare use cases
  • Insurance use cases
  • Automotive use cases
  • Agri tech use cases
  • Public sector use cases


Participants from 2 Years IT or Industry Experience to Senior Managers, CXO, Business Heads and Customer Facing Decision Makers 


Programming Knowledge, Open mind, Basic Financial concepts understanding