Student Development Program

Understanding the sheer need for bridging academia and industries gap, we offer training on cutting-edge technologies to the students who aspire to achieve a successful career in the technology arena. As one of best software coaching centers in Bangalore, our training programs aim to boost the employability of the students- confirming students’ smooth campus to corporate transition.

  • Students gain the opportunity to get trained in trending technologies exclusively in liaison with various leading OEMs.
  • Equip the students with new-age skills, making them future-ready.
  • Industry-recognized Certifications gained on completion of the training, enable the students to stand-out in the job market.
  • Going beyond classroom learning, students are engaged in live projects and case studies- that emphasize providing hands-on experiences and exposure to industry practices.
  • A wide range of training programs available accommodating the requirements of students from varied streams of engineering.
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Faculty Development Program

We believe quality teaching and student learning go hand-in-hand. To ensure the students are equipped with ample employability skills. Keeping this in view, we offer Faculty development programs which are been imparted by our proficient team of trainers. Our faculty development programs are designed strategically to help the faculty members gain acumen into recent trends & practices, comprehending, they must be adept with adequate technical knowledge on emerging technologies.

  • Fosters the faculty’s knowledge, skills, and professional competence which eventually translate to better student learning outcomes.
  • Intensifies faculty’s capabilities of integrating insightful industry-oriented knowledge onto their teaching and enhance the teaching-learning process.
  • Live projects and industry-based case studies imbibe the faculty members with extensive practical and real-time experience.
  • Our globally recognized certifications benefit the faculty members, both in terms of professional development and enrichment ofteaching quality.
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